For Vets

Beginners’ introduction to small animal echocardiography

This course is designed for veterinarians who are new to cardiac scanning.
Please note that the course price is £300 + travel from Bromley, Kent. Travel will be booked and invoiced to your practice once a date and time have been arranged with you, and in most instances will be the price of a return train ticket to your location.

In this single day (3 hours) course, you will learn:
  • How to obtain the right parasternal long and short axis views, and perform the most important measurements with either a microconvex or phased array transducer.
  • How to obtain the 4 chamber view.
  • How to optimise your image for cardiac scanning, and avoid the most common imaging and measurement pitfalls.

Training can be performed on either your own or your tutor’s ultrasound machine.
This course is taught by an Echocardiographer, with the aim of enabling you to begin performing basic cardiac screens and getting the most out of your ultrasound equipment. Clinical training, such as treatment options, are outside of our remit as non-veterinarians.

This course is designed for individuals who are new to cardiac scanning, with little or no prior experience.

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Price you pay: £300


If you are a registered veterinarian or vet student then you can access free echo cases every month through the Animal Ultrasound Association. Each case will include image optimisation tips and tricks, as well as background and discussion on the case itself.

We also have BSE-accredited echocardiographers based in London, Kent and Northumberland. If you are looking to progress in echocardiography at your practice and require tuition or equipment advice, the Animal Ultrasound Association can help.

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